Monday, August 11, 2008

An apron for Molly

Some of my favorite words are "Mom, can you make .......?" How many times as the kids grew up did I hear, "Mom, can you make me a look like a ninja turtle?" "Mom, can you make me look like Jix?" Jix was Sara's imaginary friend and how was I supposed to know what Sara's imaginary friend looked like? "Mom, can you make me into Prince Charming?" "Mom, can you make me elf clothes?" "Mom, can you make us into Tarzan and Jane--in an hour?" "Mom, can you patch this shirt?" "Mom, can you make these pants into climbing knickers?

I LOVED it! One of the most wonderful gifts that I received from motherhood was the confidence that I could make just about anything. It may not have looked really great, but there was no limit to what we could whip up and sometimes it did look really great (I'm thinking of the Prince Charming costume here).

It makes me especially happy to think of the kids having things that I made for them to take along when they grow up and go away.

A few weeks ago, Molly asked me to make her an apron before she went back to college and her job at an ice cream parlor. She picked out a pattern and some material and tonight I managed to put it together. It is so cute, just like Molly.


KGMom said...

Beth--while I don't make things these days, I have made quite a few costumes in my sewing days. And even made my husband a sports jacket!
Nice apron--a great gift.

Jayne said...

You are so very talented Beth! That is an adorable apron. :c)

SJ said...

For some reason I was thinking about the climbing knickers just the other day.... odd I know. Well if the 24 hour bait shop ever closes I think that you could set up shop there as a bakery, seamstress, lawyer. Talk about one stop shopping!

Ruth said...

I used to sew a lot and enjoyed creating outfits and crafts. Sadly, none of my girls sew at all. They bring their mending to me. I took Home Economics at school and learned to sew there. The schools have dropped these courses, and I never taught them either. The apron is lovely!

Nan said...

Wonderful, wonderful.

The Texican said...

And, no doubt unique among aprons at the Olde Ice Cream Shoppe. You are such a talent. It will probably go to the apron hall of fame after she finishes with it. They should chart the sales of ice cream when she is wearing it to see if business picks up when it is worn. She would need to allow someone else to wear it while she's off to make the statistics valuable. Pappy

Sharon said...

I had to laugh while reading this post because my answer to that kind of need was to borrow or buy the necessary costume :)

I am, however, handy when a button needs to be sewed on, or anything ironed.

Thanks for your comment and visit to my blog.