Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Alto Wore Tweed

A few weeks ago, Jayne wrote about a series of liturgical mysteries. Laughing through her post titled "Blowing Water Out My Nose", I knew that these books sounded like the kind of get-away from reality that I might enjoy.

So, I clicked on the Amazon one click button (definitely the most financially dangerous function on my computer) and by the time I got back from my travels, The Alto Wore Tweed was waiting for me.

Today, I curled up in defiance of the hurricane and read through the book in one very enjoyable afternoon. The story is one part small-town charm, one-part church politics, one part hard-boiled detective story, one part love story, one part sacred musical history, one part mystery and all parts hilarious.

How could you not enjoy a book whose main character is a detective/church organist with a $2 million bank account and a 1962 pickup truck, a log cabin on 200 acres in the mountains and an owl that comes and goes into the house for the bounty of dead mice kept in the refrigerator vegetable crisper. The sprinkling of latex female sex dolls that gracefully descend from the sky is just an added bonus.



Jayne said...

So glad you enjoyed it Beth! They are such a fun escape. :c)

beth said...

That final paragraph sucked me in. I'm putting this on my list!

Kathiesbirds said...

Beth, this sounds hilarious! I may just have to read it! Thanks for the book review!