Friday, June 19, 2009

......and they're off

So after months of working very hard to dig out from under the consequences of adolescent behavior, Archie graduated a couple of weeks ago and yesterday he and his buddy, Brent, and their cat, Jaeger, hit the road.

The truth is that there isn't much in a small town like this to hold young people and all that Archie seemed able to find for a while was trouble. And, once he found trouble, trouble found him and once that happened it was a spiral that was not leading anywhere good. He put a lot of work into turning it around and showed more courage in changing behavior than I would have at his age but the die was cast, he needed to get out of town.

His plan had always been not to have a plan--just to drive until he ran out of gas money and then stop, pitch a tent and work until there was enough money for a few more tanks of gas but as the time got closer a plan started to emerge.

Archie's big brother is an engineer in central Pennsylvania with one of the coolest jobs ever. He does inspections on bridges while hanging from a harness or diving under water and checks out metal in all sorts of other situations that appeal to young men and scare the heck out of their mothers. He asked Archie if he would like to move down there and live and work in their large college town with the possibility of training to assist with some of the inspections. That call came on a day in late April when all of us needed a boost. Archie's latest brush with trouble had been in the newspaper in an article that had crushed us both with the unfairness of the reporting and the implications. So, the call from Ethan in Pennsylvania tossed out a lifeline.

Yesterday was the day and there were nothing but smiles to be seen around here. Well, there was one very anxious little tiger cat who was afraid of being left.
Good luck, guys. Be safe, be happy and remember to call home.


The Texican said...

Hey, good deal mom. I had some farmers down here who might give him work if he hadn't found employment. He would have loved the heat. Newsies can be such.... Well, let's just say I didn't have much good to say about many of them. They caused numerous disasters during my career. I'm glad Archie is away with a "plan" makes the trip much easier. Now that he has his degree and his license back he can get on with life. Border Patrol is always hiring. I went to you Picture album - Great shots. Pappy

Pat said...

Jeez, I know that this move is the upside of the situation but honestly, I could just cry. I just can't stand it when my hoodlums aren't near me.

Ruth said...

I agree with Pat's sentiments. I would be crying too. But the guys look so happy and I wish them well. You are a wonderful, supportive mom.

beth said...

oh beth...
I can relate with you so much !
our 17 year old, who will be a senior next year, sounds a bit like your archie and when he hit the road wednesday to head south for his summer job, I had a smile on my face. no tears. just a smile and a prayer that he make it there safe and that being away for 6 weeks will change him a bit...because just like archie, trouble seems to find this one, too !

rach :) said...

That last pic with the kitty between the smiling boys is priceless. We wish them luck, and nothing but happiness.

Anonymous said...

I wish them well and God's protection. I pray he will seek out wise counsel and follow God's road map for his life.

Seabrooke said...

I love that the cat is going on the road trip with them.

Sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference. Good on him for making the effort to turn himself around.

KGMom said...

My ears perk up at central PA. Must be somewhere near me, living--as I do--in the state capitol.

Good luck to Archie. All young people need to do their own things, but of course you hope that such things take them down good and gentle paths.

Beth said...

Tex, yep on with life for both of us. It all feels right.

Pat, you make me laugh. Thanks.

Ruth, they do look happy and I feel like we all worked hard to get to that point. So we'll take happiness.

Beth, e-mail me any time you need to talk about it but truthfully my only advice is to stay calm and consistent and let them know you are always there for them. Beyond that, it's out of our hands.

Rach, nothing but happiness. They arrived safe and sound and I say, Let their lives begin!

Carey, thanks for the prayers and good thoughts--there can never be enough of those.

Seabrooke, Oh yes, Jaeger was an integral ingredient of the plan. They bought him a little blue harness and leash so they could walk him at rest areas.

KGMom, They are in your neck of the woods in the town with the big stadium and the state university. They arrived safe and sound around lunch time.

Jayne said...

Whew... well, at least you know Ethan will be near by to sock some ears if need be. Glad they arrived safely and hope that this will be both an adventure and full of life lessons to carry him forward. :c)

beckie said...

Beth, sometimes a new start is just what is needed. One where people don't know your past and take you for who you are now. I wish the boys well. May they enjoy their new beginings. As for Mom-sounds like you know they have made a good life choice and even though you will miss Archie, wish only happiness for him.

Morning's Minion said...

I got kinda tense reading that---so glad a bad few decisions are now seeming to promote wisdom. I wish Archie and crew all the best.

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