Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blasts from the past

Charlie's son Jacob recently graduated from Northeastern University and one of his professors was former Massachusetts Governor and former presidential candidate Dukakis. I don't know where Jacob got this Dukakis bobblehead but somehow it made its way to our kitchen counter.

It reminded me of a funny story that daughter Sara told me. When she was in college in DC, one of her friends applied for a White House internship and hit a snag on the security clearance. When the young man asked for clarifiation on the problem, he was told that the security investigation revealed that he had caused a disturbance at the White House in 1989. Well, the aspiring intern would have been 2 years old in 1989.

Further investigation and a phone call to his parents provided clarity on how a toddler could wreak such havoc in the White House that he would be banned from a internship during his college years.

Apparently, during the election of 1988, this young man's parents had been Dukakis supporters and had taken their little son to rallies and other events where he repeatedly heard people chant "Dukakis for President"

After the 1988 election that sent Governor Dukakis back to academia and the first President Bush to the White House, the family of the young man was on a vacation in Washington DC and on a White House tour. When the precocious tot heard the word President being bandied about during the tour, his memory circuits kicked in and he immediately began the chant "Dukakis for President, Dukakis for Presdient, Dukakis for President". The embarrassed familiy was asked to leave and the incident became part of their family folklore only to re-surface when the young man tried to intern in the White House of another President Bush. The Secret Service cleared it all up and he did complete his internship and had a pretty good story to tell over lunch.

Do you have any presidential memorabilia sitting around to make you laugh and remember?


beckie said...

Too funny! Shades of Nixon, though. :)

KGMom said...

What a funny story--out of the mouths of babes.
We have several such stories--not quite as funny. When our son was a baby, McGovern was running for President (yes, we are THAT old) and I stuck a McGovern for President button on my son.
Then when Clinton campaigned the first time, they did a campaign stop here in PA, and our whole family worked the event. Our daughter, about 10 at the time, had to go to the bathroom. We were waiting for the Clintons to appear, but our daughter insisted. At first the Secret Service guy wasn't going to let us go, but he did--but then he said "hurry back or you might miss them". See--he wasn't supposed to tell us when the campaigning party would appear, but that was enough of a tip.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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