Sunday, December 20, 2009

'twas the Sunday Before Christmas

While the east coast was paralyzed by the Blizzard of '09, we in Western Maine watched it pass on by without a flurry. To take my mind off worrying about Molly and how she would get home from DC in time for Christmas, I went over to my parents house where every day and every event is a party. Today, the house was full of people who work with my mother at the Buckfield-Sumner Swap Shop. That's a picture of my Dad, isn't he cute?

But, the weekend wasn't just spent partying with the In Crowd, I also took advantage
of some quiet time and followed a link from Jayne's
blog to make the perfect gift for this H1N1
Holiday Season. The directions are here.

It's a different sort of Christmas for me this year. Sara will only be here in spirit and through skype, Ethan is going to Kentucky to visit his wife's family, Archie is going to stay in Pennsylvania and work over the holiday, Molly is stranded in 16 inches of snow in our nation's capital and I am flying out Christmas afternoon for a weekend in Dallas for my sweet niece's wedding.

Here's a special story by a favorite author that made me smile this morning.


beth said...

lucky you to miss the was a biggie !
winter hugs to you....

Jayne said...

I've missed you Beth.

Your dad is adorable in his Christmas tie... and just look at all that yummy food!! :c)

A Christmas wedding... how fun!

I know Kim will be so thrilled to see more cozies made... thus far, according to her blog today, she's made 195 and given away 187 of them!

Have a wonderful week my friend.

kaholly said...

Merry Christmas, Beth! I'm in TX for the holiday, too! Thanks for sharing the tissue cozie pattern. I can't wait to get started! Have a fun trip to Dallas and enjoy the magic of a Christmas wedding. -karen

Beth said...

Beth, yep I wasn't too upset about missing the storm, we will get plenty of others. The pictures of your storm were quite frightening.

Jayne, thanks, I've missed writing--my muse seems to be frozen or something. I only made 11 cozies and found myself dreaming of assembling them--I'd be right out of my mind if I had made 195 of them.

Kaholly, I wondered where you were since Hinkley is closed. We never did get our snow shoe walk out there. I'm sad about that. Take care!

Kathiesbirds said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Beth! I hope all goes well in Texas! You are so close to me! Sure you don't want to stop over for a visit? Actually, my son and my grandkids are here from Aroostook County! They fly home on the 4th. I see birds (goldfinches?) out your window there. Do you ever eBird anymore? Anything you enter would be so important as Franklin and Androscoggin counties are the least eBirded in all of Maine!