Sunday, November 2, 2008

There's mac and cheese in my cupboard again

Yesterday, Archie and I drove back from Pennsylvania. It was a much more companionable experience than the drive to the airport in June when I put him on a plane. Over the 570 miles, we said a lot of the things that had hung heavy in the silence on that other day.

It's mighty good to have him home, the nest wasn't really ready to be emptied. We have a senior year to enjoy around here!

When I got to State College on Halloween Night, Ethan and Ann were just heading to a Halloween party. Ann looked just like Shakira and Ethan was that crazy guy from Dodge Ball.

They are two mighty special young people--newlyweds--a grad student and an engineer who opened up their home and their lives to give someone they loved something he needed.

When Ann told me she was Shakira--uncool person that I am, I thought that Shakira was a superhero--maybe Shakira isn't a superhero, but Ann sure is and so is Ethan.

Thank you.


Sharon said...'re mom's heart is showing in your post today...that contented, they're-home-and-safe, and all's right with the world feeling -- and mac and cheese just makes it more special :)

beckie said...

Beth, I so happy for you. I know it was a hard thing to do-to let him go to find himself. But sometimes that's all you can give them. Your super heroes sound like wonderful, caring people. You can be very proud of them as well. How many ways can you fix mac and cheese? :)

Jayne said...

Love the title of this post. ;c) Glad it went well and that there was common ground after the passage of time.

Beth said...

Sharon, it's good to have him home. Fingers crossed.

Beckie, You know the thing about letting someone go is that you really have to do it--with no expectations of return. Nothing surprised me more than the call asking to come home, but I'm so glad he was able to make it and so grateful that he gained from the whole experience.

Jayne, thanks :-)

rach :) said...

So good to know he's back and in a better place than when he left. Should I expect to see him in the halls today? First day of second quarter is a good time to return...

Beth said...

Rach, you should see him on blue days, it's very good to have him home.